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The provision of personal information by you and use of it by Industrial Heritage Information Centre is subject to the following Private Policy.

Article 1 (Personal Information)

Personal information defines the following items: names, telephone number, mailing address and other information that can identify the individual holders of such information.

Article 2 (Collection of Personal Information)

The Centre may ask for personal information described in Article 1 when contacting the Centre.

Article 3 (Purposes of Personal Information)

The purposes of the collection are as follows:

  1. For the COVID-19 countermeasures;
  2. In order to respond to enquiries including the identification of the individual who enquires:, and
  3. Aims related to the above aims.

Article 4 (Transfer of Personal Information to Third Parties)

The Centre shall not transfer personal information to third parties and utilize it for its own interests other than the aims described in Article 3. However, the Centre shall disclose the information in case of receiving a request for disclosure by law, recognising illegal access, and/or having threat or illegal act.

Article 5 (Inquiry to Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information and Suspension of the Usage of Personal Information)

Individuals who have concerns in Article 5, please contact the Centre.

Article 6 (Change of Privacy Policy)

The Centre is to revise the contents of this Privacy Policy when necessary.

2 The alternative Privacy Policy is to come effective as soon as it is posted on this website.

Article 7 (How to deal with the Access Information within this Website)

This website uses Google Spreadsheet as well as collects access information through Google Analytics, including cookie and web beacon. This collected analytical information is to be used in order to improve services that the Centre offers to users. However, the Centre has no intention to identify the users; rather, it collects information on PC access environment (PC or smartphone, OS and web browser). If any user wants to avoid collection of their PC environment information, the user can avoid the collection through your programme.

Article 8 (Contact)

For enquiries about the Privacy Policy, please contact the following:

Industrial Heritage Information Centre (IHIC)

Annex to Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 19-1 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0056

Email: [email protected]