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Museum Rules and Etiquette

The Industrial Heritage Information Centre (IHIC) is sure to be a worthy facility for everyone. It is important to remember and practice proper museum rules and etiquette in order to ensure everyone is safe and having the best time possible at IHIC.

Some rules and etiquettes to remember are listed below.

Mind your step because the Centre's ambient lighting is low in order to highlight exhibits.

Loud noises may disturb other visitors. Shouting is unacceptable.

It is acceptable to talk quietly; however, shouting is unacceptable. Please respect other visitors at all times.

No taking photos and no recording.

Keep your hands off exhibits and glass cases.

Food, drink and gum are all prohibited in the Centre.

There is no trash bin installed in the Centre.

No smoking on the premises, both inside and outside of the Centre.

Switch off your mobile/cellular phones and refrain from talking that may interfere with other visitors' enjoyment.

No pet is allowed to enter the Centre except support/service/assistant dogs.

Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol is not permitted to enter the Centre.

Dangerous, hazardous, and explosive things and objects are not allowed.

Backpacks, large purses, and similar items should be stored in the lockers (free of charge) available at the Reception.

Distribution of specific and certain documents are unacceptable inside the Centre as well as in the vicinity of the Centre.

Political, religious, and any kind of demonstration activities are unacceptable in the Centre as well in the vicinity of the Centre.